It’s more than just coffee!

When I come into the kitchen in the morning, my coffee is already made. Keith fixes up the pot while he makes his espresso in his machine. Although sort of a tiny thing, it feels peaceful. I feel loved. The day to come may be filled with absolute madness, but in that moment, all isContinue reading “It’s more than just coffee!”

Avacado Toast

I like avocado ok, I guess. I like toast. But why is avocado toast a thing? You’re telling me a few “cool” people ordered avocado toast, and everybody else had to jump on that bandwagon? Besides the “cool” people, do you think the people who started eating it, too, actually like it or just chokeContinue reading “Avacado Toast”

Gershwin & Peace

He spruced up the kitchen, so it would be ready for me and made my coffee. Now George Gershwin plays. Sausage is sizzling, and it smells so good. Homemade biscuits are in the works. It’s peaceful and glorious. “Somewhere In Time” (Performed on the Piano by Jim Bajor) is one my favorite albums ever inContinue reading “Gershwin & Peace”